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6th June 2022

A message from your Vice Chairman...

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone in the parish who attended the fantastic Jubilee celebrations over the past weekend.

Further to this a very big thank you to the people who went out of their way to organise the events , baking and cooking, sandwich making and of course burger flipping to each & every one of you , your efforts are very much appreciated

Kindest regards
Andrew Jackson
Vice Chairman Morval Parish Council

1st June 2022

Have Your Say on Local Bus Services

There is a meeting at Sheviock Memorial Hall on Monday 20th June at 6pm. Attend to show your support and get the best possible outcome for the area.

1st June 2022

Have Your Say - Meet the Leader of Cornwall Council

There is a meeting on Tuesday 19th July at 7pm at Public Hall in Liskeard.
You are requested to email your question, before the start of the meeting, to or simply let someone know on arrival.

If you donít have a question to ask but keen to listen to the discussion you are very welcome Ė just turn up on the night.

6th May 2022

Support for those struggling with money

As the cost of living increases nationally, Cornwall Council has pulled together information about the wide range of help and support available to residents in Cornwall ( .

The Iím worried about money ( page on the Councilís website includes information and links to support provided through the authority and its partner organisations.

This includes everything from debt advice and job-seeking to emergency food provision, council tax discounts and crisis grants for people who suddenly find themselves struggling.

5th May 2022

Event for Ukraine Refugees

Event in Looe Library Saturday 14th May at 10 Ė 12pm

9th February 2022

Queen's Platinum Jubilee

The Parish Council have decided to purchase commemorative mugs for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee and distribute them to all children in the Parish up to primary school age. If you are not on Facebook please contact the clerk if you would like a mug(s) for your children.

19th January 2022

Parish Councillor Vacancy

If you are interested in getting paid to support the Local Community and, at the same time, would like a good introduction to working within a Local Authority environment, this may be what you are looking for. Further details available via the current Clerk. Closing date 26th January.

21st September 2021

Letís Talk Homes - Housing Survey

The homes we live in affects every aspect of our lives.
Cornwall Council are starting to review the current Housing Strategy* for Cornwall and have some further questions they want to ask of residents, stakeholders, organisations and anyone interested in housing. The answers to these will help them prepare a draft strategy that they will be more formally consulting on this winter.
Please visit the ĎLetís Talk Homesí and fill out the survey ĎWhat Challenges do we face? What should our Priorities and Objectives be?í by 5pm Monday 8th November 2021.
The draft Housing Strategy will be formally consulted on towards the end of the year with a view that this be approved at Council in April 2022.
Plans are being made to engage with Council Members through the Overview & Scrutiny function alongside colleagues in Planning Policy, Local Transport and Economic Development to ensure that all our emerging Strategies are consistent and complimentary.
*The Housing Strategy is a strategic partnership document and describes what their priorities will be for homes over the next five years and beyond.

14th September 2021

Feedback for Future of Peninsula Transport

The deadline for feedback is Friday 17 September.

The vision is available on this website:

The short feedback survey is available here

2nd September 2021

Parish Councillor Vacancy

If you are interested in getting paid to support the Local Community and, at the same time, would like a good introduction to working within a Local Authority environment, this may be what you are looking for.Further details available via the current Clerk. Closing date 22nd September.

28th July 2021

Widegates Village Hall to reopen

The Reading Room and Village Hall Committee are pleased to announce the opening of the Hall as from the 1st August 2021.
There are still some measures in place for safe use until further notice.
Please contact the Chair, Ann Chudleigh or Sue Aunger for any help that you require.

8th April 2021

Widegates - Speed Monitoring

A speed watch was conducted in the village between 8:00am and 8:30am on the 31st March. A total of 68 vehicles were monitored and out of those one vehicle was recorded doing 39mph. The registered keeper of the vehicle has been contacted.
There will be more of these, so if you drive above the limit WATCH OUT!
A separate report stated that it is mainly locals doing the speeding.

17th March 2021

Morval Parish Litter Pick

If you are concerned about the amount of rubbish that people are dropping and throwing out of vehicle windows, and you want to give the parish a 'spring clean', the parish council has available litter pick equipment for you to borrow. If you would like to organise an event, please contact the Clerk for details.

7th March 2021

Parish - Rights of Way

Councillors are currently looking at improving the various rights of way we have in the parish and would value your support in identifying ways they can be improved. If you walk the footpaths please speak to your Councillors or contact the Clerk.

9th October 2020

NDP Update and Consultation

Progress report!
The NDP Steering Group had a very positive meeting with members of the Parish Council last week and were able to agree some final details in the draft plan, so it is close to being ready for submission to Cornwall Council and the independent examiner.
Parish Council decided not to include Trenode Field as a Local Green Space, as Councillors felt that this designation would hinder or delay future development of the space as a community asset. They will, however, consult with parishioners about any proposals for future use of the field.
A number of ideas raised by parishioners during the consultation process are not directly relevant to the current planning brief of the NDP, and have been listed by the Steering Group in an appendix of future projects. Many of these areas are in fact already being addressed by the Parish Council, so please refer to their website for updates.
Consultation Events:
Widegates Village Hall - Saturday 9th October 10am-12pm
Wednesday 20th October 10am-12pm
Saturday 23rd October 2pm-4pm
Saturday 30th October 10am-12pm
St Wenna's Church - Saturday 30th October 2pm-4pm
Wednesday 3rd November 2pm-4pm

Contact details for the Clerk -

Contact Details

For all enquiries, please contact the Parish Clerk:

Sam Pengelly

email address:

Tel: 07773 062 174