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28th July 2021

Widegates Village Hall to reopen

The Reading Room and Village Hall Committee are pleased to announce the opening of the Hall as from the 1st August 2021.
There are still some measures in place for safe use until further notice.
Please contact the Chair, Ann Chudleigh or Sue Aunger for any help that you require.

8th April 2021

Widegates - Speed Monitoring

A speed watch was conducted in the village between 8:00am and 8:30am on the 31st March. A total of 68 vehicles were monitored and out of those one vehicle was recorded doing 39mph. The registered keeper of the vehicle has been contacted.
There will be more of these, so if you drive above the limit WATCH OUT!
A separate report stated that it is mainly locals doing the speeding.

17th March 2021

Morval Parish Litter Pick

If you are concerned about the amount of rubbish that people are dropping and throwing out of vehicle windows, and you want to give the parish a 'spring clean', the parish council has available litter pick equipment for you to borrow. If you would like to organise an event, please contact the Clerk for details.

7th March 2021

Parish - Rights of Way

Councillors are currently looking at improving the various rights of way we have in the parish and would value your support in identifying ways they can be improved. If you walk the footpaths please speak to your Councillors or contact the Clerk.
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