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25th January 2024

New refuse and recycling regimes are on the way

AS we reported on this website back in September 2023, Cornwall Council will be changing refuse and recycling arrangements for Morval Parish this year.

Information leaflets and new bins are being delivered to households from now until March.

In the meantime, the county council has arranged a number of ‘community roadshows’ that will explain the changes in detail and give residents an opportunity to talk face-to-face with recycling officers and seek answers to any questions they may have about the new arrangements.

There are various ‘roadshows’ in South East Cornwall in the weeks ahead and the first for Morval residents will probably be at Looe Library on the Millpool Car Park, West Looe, tomorrow (Friday, January 26; 10.00 am until 12 noon).

But don’t worry if that date is too short a notice, because there will be plenty of others (please see the attached pdf for full details)

The next most convenient one is probably at Liskeard Library on Monday, February 12 (10.00 am until 2.00 pm).

After that it’s back to Looe Library on Tuesday, February 27 (10.00 am until 12 noon) and at  Liskerrett Community Centre, Varley Lane, Liskeard (off the old market car park) on Friday, March 8 (12 noon until 4.00 pm).

There are also others in Liskeard in April (again, please see the attached pdf for full details) and, of course, similar ‘roadshows’ are also being held in other towns and villages across South East Cornwall, if those venues are more convenient. 

The new service is expected to start between April 8 and 19. 

Said a county council spokesman: “We’ve chosen to roll the new service out in stages, rather than switching all Cornwall’s 280,000 households at once.  

“This is because these are big changes – for you to adapt to, and for us to deliver, depending on where in South East Cornwall you live. Doing it in stages means we can help any household that needs extra support to adapt.

“We’ve organised the order of the roll-out around the expected completion dates of building works. This is necessary for us to be able to provide the new service at our various waste management sites across Cornwall.”

The most important thing we, as residents, can do now to get ready for the new collections is to make sure that we’re recycling as much as we can using the current service – the blue bags for recycling paper; orange bag for cardboard and brown paper; red bag for plastic and tin packaging and black box for glass bottles and jars, and textiles.

Added the spokesman: “This will make it easier for you when your collections change to food waste weekly, recycling fortnightly, and rubbish fortnightly, limited to what fits in your 180-litre bin or sack with the lid closed. That’s roughly three to four black bags.

“Making sure you’re recycling and not filling your rubbish bin with your cardboard, glass, plastics, cans, paper and textiles will make it easier for you to meet the new limit on rubbish.”

For all the details, please see the attached pdf files from Cornwall Council.

Download document (pdf)